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'Endless Summer', by the Jezabels

You came home for the endless summer,
watch me go and be the famous warrior
of the light - you were the strongest follower.
In my mind, you are an endless summer!
You’re the summer in my mind,
yeah, the summer in my mind,
yeah, the summer in my mind.

Summer in my mind like memories of listening to the Jezabels that day I came home from that job interview and you didn’t ask how it went and when we got off the phone I realised I was completely and utterly sick of you and I sang and sang ‘but it is alright, here in the time and the place I am' and cried and made those really bad spiced pear and apricot biscuits that should have been a tart or a cake or something else. Now that I'm thinking about that, I don't know if I regret you or the cookies more.

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